South African born Frances & the frills culminated from a personal journey in the pursuit of developing an outward confidence that is rooted deep within.

This journey started with a focus on one of a kind accessories. All of these pieces have been thoughtfully hand selected from creators around the world, which transpires into unique collections for the modern muse. 

From there it felt like a natural progression to incorporate apparel, my first love.  Naturally, I looked to my very first fashion icon, my older sister, to join me on this new venture.

This is us sporting some of our early work! Just two small town gals who grew up with a love for all things fashion. Introducing our first collection and labour of love, SOFT EDGES. We took to the seas to source the most luxurious and unique prints to manufacture on home soil in Cape Town. We strive to create pieces that can take you anywhere, any time!

With sustainability at the forefront of our identity, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible and have thus introduced packaging that is both fully reusable as well as recyclable, meaning when you buy from Frances & the frills, your purchase is not only light on your purse, but light on our planet as well.


We hope you love wearing these pieces as much as we loved creating and curating them for you.